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The Art of Joey Havlock
Paintings, Drawings & Mixed Media Works

1st Edition
Limited production 300
Signed, numbered, and serial numbered.

· Featured artwork from the Master Minds Series
· Artist, Joey Havlock
· Beautiful high gloss full color cover
· 186 vibrant full color pages
. 8.5″ x 11″
. Produced by redXpublishing, 2017
· Made in the USA and Produced with Passion.

Surrealism ~ Alchemic Anatomy


Apple, Food for Thought
30″ x 24″
on Canvas
Private Collection


Wild Womane
18″ x 24″
on Canvas
Private Collection


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
18″ x 24″
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection


18″ x 24″
on Canvas
Private Collection


Perfect Pair
8″ x 10″
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

OLIVIA ~ OH! She is… custom sculpted & painted guitar

She wears an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini…


56 x 18 x 3
Oil on custom sculpted rosewood guitar

The now completed Olivia Havlock (OH!), a custom painted and sculpted electric bass guitar (Dean), commissioned for private collection.

…eye & lips that color shift…
“Luminous horns & and a nose that twitches with zirconic flicker…”

…wrapped naked forever in a pretty red bow…
“…while I watch from inside awaiting the key of safety  ~ “

…the bling of a glittering belly button flower…
“…the big one that got away is guarded by the skulls with the colorful scarves “

…she wore pearls and a medallion made of gold, rubies and emeralds,
and has sparkle and flicker and the end of her nipples…

“…and the marigold vine crept through my eyes and into the skies “

…they escaped to an island on the day they were wed and sent out a message in a bottle that read…
“…promise forever they lived together happily every after ~ 08/18/00 ~ “

…childhood flies through the skies but keeps ties…
“the whisper of curves and tone of her body “

…she evolved from a broken mind…
“…and prepared for her journey, desiring a long one… “

A more detailed posting will follow with full title, evolution photographs as well as notes and diary.
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