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Portraits of the POPADEMIC…

In this series we call Portraits of the POPADEMIC, we will be bringing together the people we know, love, and admire in a series of self inspired and commissioned paintings on glass wine, champagne and spirits glass bottles…. painted in POP Art Bottled style to be treasured forever.

Here it’s like a never ending, 24-hour POP Party. You never know who’s going to show up, when they might appear, or even what state of progression they might be in when they POP up.

This place of personal POP art splendor has been devised so that you might watch the development, and progress, of all these beautiful people as they reach the completion of their captured moment in time. Emerging from their private and surreal crack in the clouds, they’ll become part of the collective that is the Portraits of POP.

The Guest List is forever expanding with Friends & Family VIP’s, Celebrities & Artists, as well as unique and interesting dignitaries from throughout the world, so be sure to check back often to see who’s here’s, who’s new, and who’s evolved…

This collective and the individual works contained herein are ever evolving. ArtChive pages for each will be added and updated accordingly, so again, be sure to check back often 😉

Like Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave…it’s the Six Degrees of POP Separation… the anxiety beginning with your hosts, Joey & Rhonda Havlock.


The Art of Joey Havlock