Mind Kiss Under A Blue Moon; A Dramatic Episode

Wells Colfax had been in the hospital for the past 37 days. After his accident, he had been left paralyzed from the neck down. It had been one of the worst days of his life when he had heard the news, as it meant that he would never be able to run, jump, climb, or even write his name again. He had spent several of the next days lying in his hospital bed, miserable and just waiting for night to come again so that he would at least be able to lose myself in his dreams.

But for those many nights, all that filled his mind in the darkness were nightmares. They were often so frightening he would wake with a start and just stare into the shadows of his room, unable to go back to sleep. His mind’s eye was being tossed about in a fierce storm on a roiling ocean, unable to calm the waves around it. His waking hours and the time he should’ve spent sleeping were equally as unbearable. And then one night, Wells received a visitor.

She crept silently into his room, carefully finding her way to the chair by his bedside. In looking at her, she appeared to be a fairly regular little girl. She wore her short, blonde hair in pigtails and wore a hospital gown much like his own. But when her eyes met his, Wells gasped. Her deep pink irises seemed almost to glow in the dark as they bore into his blue ones. The longer he stared at her, the more he could feel his consciousness slipping away, though there were no nightmares waiting for him on the other side this time.

The usually stormy seas of Wells’ mind were now calm, only the smallest of ripples marring the otherwise glassy surface of the clear, blue water. His mind’s eye was no longer being thrown by the raging waves, for there were none left. Though there was another presence in the vast ocean of his mind with him. Swiveling his blue mind’s eye to find out who the intruder was, Wells was not surprised to find another mind’s eye floating nearby. Judging by the bright pink hue of the foreign mind’s eye, it could only belong to one person. The little girl had entered his subconscious.

He maneuvered his eye closer to hers, unsure of what exactly she was doing there, much less how she’d gotten there in the first place. He didn’t get far, before the ocean around them transformed into an entirely new landscape. The water fell away and the blue of the sky slowly became the pink and peach hues of a sky just before sunrise. The water had been replaced by the rocky ridge of a mountain. Wells was amazed by the sudden change of scenery.

He turned to the other mind’s eye and found her looking right back at him. He wanted to thank her somehow for saving him from the frightening place that his mind had become, but she had something to tell him instead. She gestured off toward the horizon, and Wells followed her gaze.

The sun was just beginning to crest over the edge of the world, casting it’s soft but brilliant light over all the land it could touch. Wells watched in his mind’s eye as the glow crawled through all the plains and valleys before the mountain and left all the rivers and lakes sparkling in its wake. He saw the light begin to creep its way up the foot of the mountain, and could feel the warmth of the rays on his skin when the light finally reached the ridge where these two mind’s eyes were situated. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, feeling more relaxed than he had since his accident.

The warmth slowly slipped from him, and when he opened his eyes once again, Wells found himself still next to the little girl’s mind’s eye, but the scenery was once again in a stage of transformation. When their surroundings settled down, Wells recognized the same calm ocean they’d been floating in before visiting the mountain sunrise.

He turned to the other mind’s eye to find her watching the wispy clouds sliding across the sky and over the round blue moon up above. In thanks, he leaned forward and placed a light kiss on her chin. A warmth spread from where his skin met hers and Wells was glad this mysterious little stranger had found him.

When he woke the next morning, the girl was gone. Still, Wells didn’t feel quite as miserable as he had the day before. He chuckled softly to himself and settled in to wait for night to bring his visitor to his door once more.

The Art of Joey Havlock