Venus in Blue; Exposé

Simultaneously with the world in which do, I navigate along with others, in my soul flows another one – invisible, different from the first one. I remember the words of an Italian philosopher. He really was a peculiar stranger. He hung the dolls to trees. He was asked – why? Why is he doing such terrifying thing? He’d explained – well, all these creatures were once dead, came forth from the manufactory. A child has bought or received them as a gift. The youngster was playing with them, loved those dolls and gave them life. Thus, I strung up the dolls to inspire the nature with eternal life! Very similar I want to bestow an eternal life to you. I desire you to stick forever in the impression as you are in my thinkings.

What will remain after you hurt me again? My pieces – my eternal children. In my world, it is an absolute. You’re hapless, but you don’t know how flattered you are. You’re the dream that has a color. The nighttime blue, precisely silky blue. You are my melody without sound. I remember you in fragments but trying to preserve your beauty in its entirety. In an instant, it seems to me that you have the color of eyes the southern sea. But another moment reminds me that I might be mistaken. Time is not an accomplice to what I want from my heart. Not from you. Neither of your beauty. On our side can only be an eternity. I will not draw you on the stars (but that would be nice if I could), but I am going to make your beauty a thing that will be the subject of eternal admiration.

I know. We are far from the reality, this is the only dimension in which we are free, we love each other and that we are allowed to do so. I know. I need to keep quiet and continue to dream of you. Yet, even here, in our secret place, you seem to be sad, why? Let this unreal life last, just as surreal as is our love. You love to spoil everything with your common sense and with legs that are firmly on the ground. Where’s your imagination, lady? Forget the fence on which you rely, put your hands up and start running. Come on, feel the air of freedom, a hot wind that filled lungs your lungs. Be wild. Untamed.

I’ll be waiting in the infinity. Then when you win time, as I am, and start to live free in the illusion, you can join me. I know, then will be no one who will love you so. As I love your beauty, as you are in love with my madness. My magical Venus in blue.

~ Zorica ~

The Art of Joey Havlock