Samodestruction ~ The New Beginning; A Dramatic Episode

The darkness was something that Mr. Bern had been attracted to for a long time. He remembers his early childhood and dark feline eyes that watched him from the corner of the room. Apparently, they were gray and they were accumulating the every photon that was in the room, leaving it completely dark. He knew. From the early days of his existence, he knew he was chosen.

Now, he was supposed to meet him finally. He whispered for a long time on his ear – “you are the lost Angel – Samuel. It’s time to go back to me, Samuel. You are the one I made you a long time ago. From the mortal, I made the immortal, from the immortal you become my brother.” I always knew that it finds in every century – every time.

His mission began a long time ago. He came to Earth when the first people walked on it. Of course, after the inertia of the new race of Vahura Visida aliens. Before that, there was only the dark era of diverse human hybrids. He is the one who brought the miraculous gene among humans. He is the one who is going to destroy them.

The terrible darkness was rising over the city. People went from work nervous as usual. One smile broke through the crowd. Sickening smile. Full of equity. He announced the enormous sacrifices. Very powerful mission – back to old. The restart button of the human race. People walked past him, not even looking at him. He was not unusual or strange to anyone. Only a careful observer would catch up with that smile. That horror.

“Samuel, Samuel, drink the poison. In your womb, you carry the fetus of the beginning of the world. Do not be afraid to destroy it.”

“You fooled me. You made me create this world. You told me I was chosen.”

“Yes, but everything that has the beginning has its end, as each end has its beginning. Tell me, why are you so sorry for this world that you hate?”

“I’m not sorry, The Existence, just … my life. Will I continue to exist in a different form or is this the definitive end?”
“No. Drink the poison.”

The act is done. The grays from his eyes began to fade. His eyes were finally given the green color like it was given at birth twenty-five years ago. A young man. Just stupid to try everything and trust everyone. There was nobody to prevent him from ending his life. No one could reason with the mind that is lost by reading some particular books. The police were inspecting and there were enough traces to identify the case as a suicide. Everything was simple, perfectly clean. All but that smile that remained on his face to indicate he doesn’t want to go alone. And he didn’t.

~ Zorica ~

The Art of Joey Havlock