Symmetrical Minds; Exposé

I do not know when it stopped. I don’t recognize the horizon in which I was keeping my thoughts. It stopped hurting. But it started everything else. Slowly, I understood which was the place that was the starting point of contention. Solemnly, I knew nothing would ever be the same. In correlation with like-minded, I noticed the symmetry of this karmic law. The karmic law expressed in a rudimentary Lex Talion. It is so elementary.

Many mistakes are going out of the light. The obvious imperfections make something of me. They all agree with each other to make a beautiful whole, rounded and defined. My thoughts were always on the margins of the world. I am close to any notion of being part of the same world that marginalizes me. This constant struggle between two opposites key and screaming in my being. I am left to create perfection.intrinsically, I am looking for inspiration. The margins do not swing me, I relax and walk on them. I laugh in the face of average, but I know I would save my clear mind oppositely.

Now my coast seems too far away. My haven. I did not appreciate it until I lost it. Yes, I received the gift, but I lost my safety. My identity has become different since I renounced certainty. I am trying to feed the appetites of unsatisfied with work of true alchemist. The constant quest for quintessence and perfect symmetry. Sometimes I do not know who I work for – myself or them? Their dissatisfaction choking me, but it’s not as if I’m satisfied. You’re right, dear Dickinson – the high expectations will kill me. But who is expecting that? Who may create the tangible pulsating pressure in my head? I know this isn’t anyone but me, but that’s not the whole truth. The problem is with the social framework that attempts to measure and define.

Aristotle would say – the man who lives outside society is a beast or a God himself. I would say – that man is free. Outsourcing your brain to the unhealthy social community is like being nearer to intellectual suicide. Pure thoughts can be the creative and intelligent if they are free. Even though, they are not perfect, they can contribute a lot of if they are exempt from everyday garbage. However, I can’t imagine that something similar is possible because, although the mind is checked on it, it is easier for him to have everyday, easy and familiar.

~ Zorica ~





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