Life Kinematics; Exposé

The movement is the basis of the universe. One move in one single moment, everything is moving and everything is changing. Did it Heraclitus said: “Everything flows and everything changes”? And there is nothing truthful than it. In one motion it may be contained all the art in the world. The issue which opens the discussion is – how to keep the change forever? How to make the moment last forever?

No, no, the reminiscence is not a good choice. It can be constructed and false, and therefore it is not relevant to the truth of one fine moment captured in the past. Cosmic movement is marked by the sensual human life. Everywhere I turn, I see the universe in its grandeur. The ‘Being’ in human life is reduced to the change and movement and the play is having very important roles. The play can be designated as a type of truth. To be honest, it is indeed her very distanced type of truth but still in a very close relation. I am watching a movement and I see all the grace of the universe in a split second. The elegance of the movements is merged together with the strength and exercise and make a poetic art for the eyes. This moment can be recorded only by other movements, by the finger gestures that serve to the other arts. The visual art. Static visual art.

It seems like an act of a ritual. As something primary and primitive. Indeed, it is true, but also as rudimentary it is still the inseparable part of me. It is the main symbol of a great harmony of the universe. We can think of deepened meaning and its importance but the truth is one and it is very simple. Each of us has one of its own and he takes it with him no matter where is he going. Dynamism is the basic label creation, and what will inspire the better of the movement itself. However, is there a specific purpose in this dynamic process? Or is this purposefulness without purpose? Schiller puts the play between the instinct of matter and instinct for form. Yes, it’s true, it unites them in a unique way. The instinct for the play exists to meet the needs of a man to sublimate time. The play is confirming man’s full autonomy and autocracy. Each movement is careful harmony in itself. The man composes life just when he is playing!

But, one movement is specific and it is labeled as a symbol of a high social status. One play which is more elegant than others. And yet, here we see every movement of ordinary human being which isn’t different than any other. The rules are different, the method is quite different, but the man remains the man. Even in an elegant pastime, he finds meaning and he is corresponding to it by defying time. “I have to participate in order to be part of something greater”; proving his status, he is only proving himself as a human being in his typical existence.

~ Zorica ~

The Art of Joey Havlock