Untamed Temptation; Exposé

Every time I call memory of her I see her drowning in enormous amounts of pride. However, I still admire her. Just like the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and Greeks worshiped the Leo constellation and made God of him. Her body is like a tribal. Every curve on her body looks like it is depicted by the ancient Sanskrit rules. Those who extol the power of the God of the Sun and store it in the most beautiful of all. Every rule seems like it is written for her in order to break it. With every move, now and then, she violates all the rules, all of the prohibitions and restrictions. Every time when she proudly breaks the moral laws, she releases me.

Curved lines on her body fit perfectly with the symbol of what is presented in the zodiac. Her untamed passion goes against humility I found in her eyes. She equates success with pleasure and does not make a compromise. By the first look – she is perfect in her imperfection. She is a call of the primitive inside me and beautiful song of the barbarous spirit, one untamed soul. Could I be her tamer? She could tame my exigency for freedom with a desire to belong to her, and yet, paradoxically, at the same time making me feel freer than ever. A man can not imagine how magnificent is the sense of absolute freedom when you are feeling the whole your being as it is – liberated. This wild soul is my muse and my spiritual leader. She teaches me how to reject the boundaries and to be dazed with the beauty of the forbidden.

My beautiful silhouette I know that you are longing for the wildlife, but please, find the wilderness in yourself and let the volcanos to warm up my icy hopes. Are you willing to take the risk and share that sense of freedom with me? No, no, please, shush. I’m afraid of the truth. I’m afraid that you’re too wild, and that I can not compete with you. Maybe I’m not different enough, or sufficiently lucid? Whatever you decide, just please, do not go away. Let me draw inspiration from your silhouette, secretly. You know that I love the elegance of shadows. You once told me with mild disapproval that I am a lover of your beauty and nothing else. You told me that I am in love only with your madness, with the fact that I will never meet someone like you again. You told me that I was afraid of the monotony and that is not enough for you. But you didn’t know that my restless soul reduces the feeling of shivers when you are close to me. You never felt the awakening of many sources of inspiration by just thinking of your silhouette. Nothing is easy in this. Everything is just as wild as it is your being.

The Art of Joey Havlock