A Glass of Fine Minds; A Dramatic Episode

“What are you thinking about?” I asked Me, for it was all they did all day long for all the days of their lives.  Me, Myself, and I were the three entities responsible for all the thoughts, opinions, and ideas that came into existence within The Body.  Me looked back at I, puzzled.

“What do you mean?” Me inquired, “I am thinking what you are thinking.”

“Then tell me what you are thinking,” I insisted.

“Why don’t you ask yourself what you are thinking?” Me suggested, “Then you’ll know what we’re both thinking.”

Me continued staring up at the light in the sky that the three of them fueled with their thoughts during The Body’s waking hours, waiting for the signal that would come when The Body needed to rest.  Meanwhile, I turned to Myself.

“Myself, what are you thinking?” I asked.

“I am thinking what Me is thinking,” Myself answered, a bit preoccupied with keeping the sky lit with bright ideas.

“But Me is thinking what I am thinking!” Me groaned, growing ever more confused.

“Then I am thinking what you are thinking,” Myself replied calmly.

“But you are not Me; I am Me,” I argued, somewhat stubbornly.

“But you are not Me; Me is Me and you are I,” explained Myself, eyes still trained on the sky.

I huffed a frustrated breath.

“Then how is it that we all think the same things?” I wondered aloud, watching as Me formulated another opinion and sent the glowing sphere skyward.

“It is because we are three points connected,” Myself began, briefly glancing down to assure that I was paying attention, “Each of us connects to the others, and together, we make one.”

I’s eyes grew wide, shining with what Myself hoped was understanding.

“If I am Me and I am also Myself and I am also I, I must be all three of us!” I gasped in realization.

“Exactly,” Myself said with a smile, “The three of us points all connect to form a triangle, but it is just the one triangle that we are all a part of.”

“And the one triangle is like the one Body!” I said, awash with comprehension.

Myself just nodded, still smiling, and Me turned to wink at I.

Just as I was about to form the most illuminating thought The Body had considered in a long time, the light from above flickered, throwing shadows all around the landscape, then began to slide down toward the edges of the sky.

“A thought for another day,” Myself assured I with a pat on the back, “But for now, The Body requires rest.  Let us go to the Cup of Unconscious.”

As the three approached the raised basin that awaited them, they watched the light that had just been overhead fall to the horizon, where it formed a perfect ring around their rest space and the sky above them grew dark and grey.

“Finally!” Me exclaimed, “I was starting to think the Body would never find time to rest!”

All three of them were thankful for the change in the Body’s alertness; the events of the day had been taxing for everybody, what with all the new thoughts they’d been thinking, ideas they’d come up with for the first time, and opinions they had just come to believe in.  Now it was time for their more restful duties.  They would now be able to take another look at some of the stranger things that had crossed their minds throughout the day as The Body slept.

“There’s nothing like a glass of fine minds at the end of a long day,” Myself sighed as he settled into the warm liquid of the raised cup.

“I can’t say for certain whether we’re fine minds, but I can surely say we’re great,” Me replied, climbing into the cup himself.

“How do you figure?” Myself asked.

“Because great minds think alike,” both Me and I answered in unison.

“I see, I see,” Myself chuckled in response, “But let us now turn our focus to our task.”

In the vast expanse of space around them, all the forgotten thoughts and changed opinions and rejected ideas began to rise from where they’d fallen on the blood red floor into the air.  Their clear orbs reflected both the floor’s vivid hue and the sparkle from the light that rested at the very edge of sight.

“By the looks of things,” Myself surmised, “The Body will be having sweet dreams tonight.”

The Art of Joey Havlock