Magic of The Mind Monarch; A Dramatic Episode

Owen was unbelievably bored. He had been trying to find something to do for the past three hours, but it was no use. He didn’t think he’d ever been quite so bored before. He had tried every activity that usually entertained him: videogames, reading, listening to music, logging on to his favorite websites. He’d even tried doodling. Owen hated doodling. Once he had given up trying to find something that could occupy his time within his house, he turned his attention to the great outdoors. Owen had never considered the outdoors particularly interesting, but in this particular instance, he was desperate and willing to try just about anything.

He stepped out his backdoor and looked around the yard. It was mostly just grass and a little clump of trees over in the back corner. Grass was boring, so that wouldn’t help. Owen supposed he could climb the trees, but he suspected all he would see was the tops of houses and all the little people that lived in them. Turning to the other side of the yard, he spied a little path that led through some hedges and figured maybe he’d find more interesting prospects that way.

Owen wandered off down the trail, searching all the while for something that might bust his boredom. When he reached the end of the trail, he found himself in a little clearing surrounded by tall trees that swayed in the breeze. There was a small pond in the middle of the clearing, with crystal clear water and large rocks all along the water’s edge. Owen huffed out a disappointed sigh and slumped down onto a rock. He propped an elbow on his knee and sat with his head in his hand listening to the soft trickling sound of the pond. He had thought maybe the trail would lead him to a solution to his little predicament, but it seemed that he was still just as stuck as before. He sat there dejectedly a little while longer until he felt a light tickle on his hand.

Owen looked up to find that a butterfly had alighted upon the tip of his thumb. It was a lovely little thing. It had wings that alternated between an iridescent green and a shimmering blue, though every color of the rainbow was visible when the wings flapped in the sunlight. Owen was mesmerized by the tiny creature. Suddenly, it flapped once and lifted from his finger, and hovered in the air. It hung there before Owen’s eyes only a moment, then sped forward and landed on the bridge of his nose. Upon contact, everything changed.

Brilliant blue and silver streaks of light flooded the little clearing and Owen watched his surroundings as the passing of time seemed to speed up. But time was no longer moving forward. It was going back. Everything looked as though it were a hologram of the de-aged space around him projected on the landscape. The trees shrunk, and beyond them Owen could see vast plains and valleys, some with lush green grass and others covered in sand and rock. If Owen didn’t know better, he’d say it was a herd of long-necked dinosaurs grazing in the valley nearest to him.

He felt something swipe the side of his face, and when he turned, he saw the butterfly once again floating in front of him. It was no longer a tiny little beauty, though. Now it was much larger, its wings practically extending beyond the size of Owen’s head. And it wasn’t the only one.

There were dozens of them. They flitted this way and that, all over what had been the little clearing. They were all much larger than the butterflies of Owen’s time period and each had a color scheme and a design all its own. The sea of butterflies swirled in the air around Owen and he found himself wishing, for a moment, that he could stay with them. But as the first butterfly approached his face once more, he knew that it was time to go. The little legs found their place on his nose and the shiny wings blanketed his face. The blue and silver lights started up again, and in a flash, the clearing looked as it had when Owen first arrived and the butterfly was once again.

It flew from his face high into the air and disappeared from view. Owen silently thanked the small creature for the adventure, though he suspected the whole thing had happened in his mind. Whatever the case, he knew he would never be bored again because of the magic of the mind monarch.

~ Max ~

The Art of Joey Havlock