Motionless Mind Fishing; A Dramatic Episode

The mind is born of something greater than itself, awash in a sea of infinite possibilities and having no preconceived notions. However free this sea of probability is, it is affected by the natural currents created by others. This causes one to lose their way. They are dragged along by the thoughts and actions stated by other minds, oftentimes before that mind can even think of where it might like to go.

Many stay lost in this flow, following instead of leading and only when it is too late do they realise that their ideas, their dreams, their imaginations, were guided away from the free path they had desired. In this time, it is usually too late and the mind will just rejoin the sea of possibilities as if it had never existed.

However, there are those that despite the draw to keep moving and go with the flow of other consciousnesses, strive to search for their own course. They stay in the most vibrant waters of causality and make the best out of what is around them. They learn the currents, the waters, and the very depths of consciousness. They aim to follow their own passions and see what can come of it guided only by their own drive and those who might also seek to see what infinity might offer.

In this place, in view of the rainbow of inspiration that comes from an uncertain grey cloudy sky, such independent minds have escaped the flow of normality and predetermines. They float silently as if islands of their own making in waters that answer to them, not the other way around. They take ideas, fresh from the most natural parts of themselves and cast them out into the waters. These virgin ideas and thoughts are simple, pure and with no determined realization. They want to see what can be attracted to them from below and what might come of it. Together they float, in a calm and serine sea, far from the maelstrom of conformity beyond.

There have been others and there will always be after, and not all are successful. Though these free spirits came to this realization rather easy there are still things that can interfere with their acts. They are tested with patience and an infinite depth of un-see able outcomes. Many had become disparaged, convincing themselves that nothing likes beneath and that their ideas and time was wasted. These discouraged minds float out of the serine sea, past the rainbow of inspiration and back into the vast current of their peers. They become one again with everyone and their ideas are left, trapped inside their minds to slowly diminish and disappear.

However, there are some that remain, calm, reflective, never giving up. They have offered their most pure ideas out to the sea and eventually something takes notice. The primal indescribable forces from below begin to take root in these ideas and only when they have actualized can the minds that cast them reel them in. They have a thing both rare and precious, an realized idea that they can use to better themselves. These minds had done the seemingly impossible, taken something from themselves and made it into something grand, something great. These are the wisest, the most patient, the motionless mind fishers.

The Art of Joey Havlock