A Sad Little Ass Crack; A Dramatic Episode

Once upon a time in an animal kingdom called Takaliku, there lived various types of animals such as the lion, snake, tortoise, and ass and so on. All the animals lived peacefully among themselves and lived as one. Of all the animals, the ass best friend was the tortoise. They were both close due to their similarities in character and also because their farmlands was so close.

The friendship between the ass and the tortoise grew daily. They both go to farm together and carry out their duties diligently. At the inception of their friendship, they both had an agreement on how to assist each other so as to foster and increase their productivity. Based on the fact that the tortoise was very wise and crafty, the ass allowed the tortoise to take charge of all the technical aspect of the farming process such as planning stage, timing between stages and means of weed control. While the ass was in charge of all the strength required activities such as carrying of loads, planting, harvesting and others.

Few years passed and famine struck the Takaliku kingdom. There was rain but the land was barren, crops planted did not germinate as expected. This menace persisted and thereby forced all the animals to call for an impromptu meeting. At the meeting, they all agreed to get fertilizer to improve the soil. Based on this development, all the animals were tasked to contribute immensely so as to acquire the fertilizer from a neighbouring village.

All the animals contributed in their various capacities towards this development. However, due to the cunny act of thee tortoise, he deceived his friend, the ass by collecting his share but did not remit it to the designated authorities. Delegates were sent by the king of the kingdom to go purchase the fertilizer. Upon their arrival, the goods were stored in one of the warehouse that belonged to the kingdom. A day was also chosen for the fertilizers to be shared among those that contributed.

A day before the D-day, the tortoise had already devised a crafty means of stealing some of the fertilizer from the warehouse and decided to keep it in his friend farmland should in case he was discovered. On the day agreed, all the animals came together and were so astounded at what they met at the warehouse. Immediately, all the animals were summoned and questioned right there at the spot including the tortoise and his best friend, the ass. With all innocence, the ass replied that “I’m not the one that stole the fertilizer; I had been at my residence all day and never came to the warehouse.”

Since nobody confessed to be the culprit, the king thereby delegated some powerful animals in the kingdom to go to all farmlands and houses of the animals to search for the stolen fertilizer. They checked all animals residence and farmlands including that of the tortoise and did not find anything. Then they decided to check the ddonkey farmland and there it was. Immediately the donkey was bound and taken to the kings quarters. The donkey was so sad and wept bitterly for a crime he did not commit. He was dealt with terribly. “A sad little ass had been cracked”, exclaimed the king of the kingdom. The Ass pleaded for mercy but was punished for the crime committed by his best friend.

The Art of Joey Havlock