Uncle Suzy’s Secret Crack; A Dramatic Episode

Suzy was a girl of 13 years who lived with her parent and siblings. Her dad was a wealthy business man,

her mum was a nurse working in one of the hospitals in town. Two of her siblings were married, while

she and her younger brother are in school. Suzy parents were very rich, they had everything at ease,

money was never an issue with the family. On so many occasion their extended families depended solely

on them for assistance, many families and some friends do seek for assistance from Suzy parents. Like

the saying goes “givers never lack “ so it was with Suzy family.


One sunny afternoon Mr Benson, Suzy’s father immediate younger brother came around to greet the

family. Mr. Benson was a young handsome man, a graduate and an MBA holder, he works at one of the

company in town, the pay he earns was quite okay but not satisfying. Mr. Benson is married with two

kids. However Mr. Benson was a crafty and dubious man, He was a money freak and could go any length

to get money. He was jealous of his elder brother wealth (Suzy father) and was looking for means to

pull him down. At Suzy residence Mr. Benson was given a warmth welcome by his elder brother and

they catch up with old times.


Later on, the whole family was found in an hospital in town where Suzy dad has been admitted. At the

emergency room which was filled with Suzy extended family, her mum was in tears, her siblings were

also panicking because their dad was in a critical condition. He lay helplessly inside the ICU, a bullet had

been triggered into his head and was fighting for his life. Before long the police arrived and the whole

family was interrogated. Mr. Benson was with the family, he also helped the police with their

interrogation and followed them back to the station when they were done.


Dad! Dad!! Suzy called out, hope you are getting better? She gave him his drug. Suzy dad was discharged

few days after he was operated twice to get the bullet out from his head and had been on medication to

help recover quickly. Two days after Suzy’s dad has been discharged from hospital, he received a call

from the police station, the police had finished the investigation and the culprits were caught. When

they all got to the station, to their amazement they met Suzy's uncle (Mr. Benson) in cuffs, they began to ask questions and there it was revealed that Mr. Benson was the one who master minded the whole operation which was jeered towards killing his elder brother. At this point everyone was perplexed as Suzy’s uncle secret had been cracked open. Justice was tempered with mercy as Suzy’s uncle was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

The Art of Joey Havlock