Smiling Mind with Big Brass Balls; Prose

Memorials were once inscribed into brass.
Set into walls and floors, now covered with grass.
But a memorial should be lifted high in memory.
For it remembers the greatest moments, you see.
Helping each generation be the best they can be.

Balls are the symbol of courage in a great amount.
Nerve offered in inventory with too much to count.
Something that is great and ever profound.
A place where the lost can finally be found.
Even if courage is offered without a sound.

When courage is present, there must also be joy.
Something offered freely without a great ploy.
For happiness is what drives the world to step forth.
Keeping each compass pointed to the north.
Allowing every footstep to be kept in history’s swarth.

Joy and courage are also gladly reflected.
Once they have been positively inspected.
Contagious in their ability to bring out the best in everyone.
To come together to change the world under the bright sun.
For when this happens, we all will have won.

So, go find your big brass balls and hold on.
Lift them high when you see the first light of dawn.
Fawn over those who lift their balls with you.
Your heart will find its own courage, this is true.
And in that moment, you will finally see the skies of blue.

The Art of Joey Havlock