Somewhere in a Faraway Mind; Prose

Storms beckon on the horizon.
Gentle seas see as they wizen.
A far-off place where what reigns is peace.
Sunshine offers its sweet release.
And this may help the gray finally cease.

For tranquility offers each the ability.
To find personal pliability.
Underneath the breezily sway of a palm tree.
So, this is where one must flee.
When the waters are rough and the lands are not free.

A place where being busy is transformed to rest.
A time when all heed the call to be their best.
This is the test which calls to the mind.
It is an opportunity to now finally find.
That moment of sweet release so the ties unbind.

For here, there is nothing but the powerful picture.
Of tranquil waves with a warm sunshine mixture.
As thoughts stop their quest to forever race.
Paths are carved, offering their own glowing trace.
To lead one and all to that moment when warmth graces the face.

Chase the moments that lead to such a place.
Never allow an obstacle to get into your space.
For within, you may sail to your chosen destination.
This happens by solving the final equation.
Which is to finally permit the storm’s cessation.

The Art of Joey Havlock