The Disassembled Man; Exposé

Peering over a large well, stood Mr. M and contemplated suicide. Why live? At least he has no reason. Everything he ever had was lost. Yes, it’s the best. Go then when you feel it’s time. What to wait? Why the torture? The longer he lived he felt only greater pain and deeper disappointment. He decided. He’ll do it in the attic of their home. He will buy the nose, make the gallows and hang himself. He imagined their faces and smiled pleasantly. He wondered who would suffer most and wish it to be her – his adulteress.

The water in the well moves. It looked like it is boiling. He leaned forward to see what was happening. He found himself in the eye with something outside of this world. Something creepy, dark and terribly nasty was standing in front of him. Scared, he stepped back. However, some energy like a magnet dragged him forward. He tried to resist with his legs but failed. The more he resisted, he was getting closer. There was no way out. There is a new thought in the mind – why do you resist death when you want to step into it? The truth is – he wants to die and so he surrenders himself to it.

At that moment, the attraction stopped. When he decided to surrender to death she left him alone. Mr. M was not one of the lucky ones. What is this force that wants to keep him alive? “Who are you?” He shouted very loudly. “I told you,” replied his eerie nebulae. “I am all that you see, your beginning and your end, and everything in between.” “It’s funny you mention that place – the end, that’s what I want most at this moment.” The nebula attracted him heavily.  He felt as if she break every bone in him. “Are hurt?”, the nebula asked. “I don’t understand. How are you and why do you care? What kind of creature are you?” “I told you – I am you. Not the creature, not some monster, I am being. Your true being. You know, that small thing that it is inside you and makes you person who you are.” “Oh, so you’re dead, sorrow, and misery being?” “Sarcastic, but you will not convince me to kill you.” “Maybe you don’t want, but I want to.” Said Mr. M. and jump into the abyss. At the moment every atom of his body was permanently dismantled. No one would ever know what happened if there wasn’t one eye that was looking in horror and standing next to the well. Did he disappear forever or continue to live in a different form? Who knows that? The eye was still watching and blinking in its horror. It was the only witness of a horrible affliction.

~ Zorica ~

The Art of Joey Havlock