The Loud Silence; A Dramatic Episode

He was a man who thought of everything. Even as a little boy he was always playing his unusual games in the garden behind the house. He liked to observe the ants in the column, one after the other, going to the anthill. He watched how society was organized and wondered about it. Well, is there a regularity and organization in this micro world? Looking to nature and its wonders revealing him a clear answer – yes, there is precision. He was excited by this idea. One day, I will make sure everything is in perfect order and symmetry.

Years passed. One after the other in their boring, typical order. Eric enjoyed that monotony. He hated change and suddenness at all. He was feeling exceptional in his boring everyday life. He didn’t have a lot of friends, he worked only to survive, and spent days reading about organized animal societies like ants or bees. He wanted to keep it that way all his life.

He sat in his comfortable blue armchair and read. As each day until then, when he suddenly heard the bell. “Um, ghastly, I do not expect anyone.” Angry (and this feeling was so rare in his life) he held the book and walked towards the door. When he opened them, expecting probably some boring neighbor or postman, he was very surprised. She stood at the door. He would recognize it among the millions. A woman who is more beautiful every year.

Two big black eyes watched him at the door.
“Will you let me in, Eric?”
“I, umm…”
He knew it was a bad decision. The worst decision he can make. Let her go back in his life. He has to stop it once for all. But he loves her. How to be cruel with himself?
“You.. Why you… You know what, nevermind”.
He tried to close the door, but she prevented him by hand.
“I can explain everything.”
“You know what? Come in, I really want to hear your fabulous explanation”.
They sat facing each other and watched the whole minute.
“There is no easy way to explain this.”
“You found another? Did you fall in love? Tired of my routine and everyday life? I understand everything.”
“Actually none of that.”
“Oh, yeah? That’s interesting. Well, what is it?”
“I have inherited a gift from my grandmother, this gift … well, it has made my life worse, but I’m also blessed. I am not sure how you will understand this.”
Eric looked very confused.
“I am the soul-taking person.”
“You surely took mine and got it wrong,” Erik says ironically.
“I knew it, all right, that’s not the point. You would never see me if I weren’t on the important assignment. I came to take your soul, Erik, it’s your time.”

“You’re completely insane! I’ve always thought you left me because of the other man, but now it’s easy for me to know the truth – you’re demented.”
She was quiet. A cold wind was coming into the room and moved the pages of the open book. A complete silence reigned in Eric’s apartment.
No, there was no routine, monotony, and rules.
There was no more Eric.

~ Zorica ~

The Art of Joey Havlock