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Havlock Studios NYC, Daniel Falgerho Photography

Between 1994 and 2004 I operated my business and studios out of a huge 3 floor brownstone building above a century old funeral home in Times Square, NYC.

During this time I was running a technology consulting firm as well as had acquired a large music recording and rehearsal studio.

There was a fantastical array of people and personalities that visited, worked and traveled through that facility over the years, especially on weekends when we would usually have an open house and there never seemed to be a lack of a wide variety of unique artists and musicians around as well as computer geeks, actors & actresses and business folks alike.

Presented here is a beautiful collection of captured photographs presenting the artists and personalities that have worked or traveled through Havlock Studios, NYC throughout the years, photography by Daniel Falgerho.

I am forever grateful for my own interactions with all these people and personas as well as for my great friend Daniel Falgerho to have captured these special moments.

Rhonda Havlock & Joey Havlock in Times Square Studios

Sir Shadow, in the recording studio at Countdown Studios
Sir Shadow, in the recording studio at Countdown Studios


Rhonda Havlock

Miguel, PC, Mac and Frank

Melanie Grizzel & Jim Lopes

NIRSIRK & Melanie Grizzel

Joey Havlock

Joey Havlock

Austin John Marshall