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MASTER MINDS IN THE MAGIC OF METAL – Limited Edition Aluminum Prints

New Metal Prints are now available of selected works, please visit the SHOP to peruse…


Brilliant luminescent imagery with incredible depth!

18817_10153349622945774_3917537408153428511_nThese metal prints are one of the most striking and durable ways I have ever presented my artwork. The creation of a Metal print uses a process called sublimation where a very special transfer paper is applied to a sheet of high gloss aluminum containing a polymer coating. The paper is changed from a solid to a gas and fused directly into the surface of the aluminum. The image is not applied to the surface but actually fused INTO the surface of the aluminum. This creates an incredibly strong, durable, scratch resistant & waterproof print that will last a lifetime.


This printing process creates incredibly vibrant and luminous images that appear almost 3-dimensional. This fine art print does not require framing and comes with a pre-installed lightweight aluminum float mount system for effortless hanging. This hanging system makes the artwork appear to be floating off the wall.

Because of this clean presentation and incredible durability, metal prints do not need framed or glass of any kind.




The succession of ‘Minds’ presented here has actualized the artist
who has conceived them in a symbiotic exchange of concept and composition.

Ceaselessly immersing himself in a world of creation, arts, talents, and creative facilities, he has been compelled by a seemingly inexhaustible passion to put forth these visions into tangible media.

At the time of this writing Joey Havlock can be found on the second floor of his main studio in Times Square, New York furiously laboring over the conventional painter’s easel, illuminated by the light of his computer. Utilizing a combination of cutting edge technologies and conventional fine arts techniques to create his works; he surrounds himself with brushes, a spectrum of paint, easels, digital mediums and an enormity of artwork. He describes this total surrender of his physical space to the artistic process as “the epitome of creative bliss.” Feeling that even the most basic human needs such as sleep are a waste of productive time, and allowing himself the luxury only when he can push himself no further, the only thing that matters is
manifestation of the vision.

A fundamental aspect of the human experience is to internalize the external, transmute it into something more than it has been and release it back into the world for the consumption of the masses. The desire to create something from nothing is intrinsic to every soul and fulfillment of that desire is essential for our survival. The
achievement of that process will be encountered here.

These thought provoking images embody a duality reminiscent of a windowpane, providing a view of the surrealistic landscape beyond while reflecting a glimpse of the onlooker that might otherwise have not been seen.

As you embark on this journey you are invited to keep your Minds Wide Open.