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Flock of Cocks ~ The Poem


The rooster crows
and crows and crows
but my special cocks
glow when they crow
in luminuous lines
and  extravagant rows
here to intrigue you
they strut and they show

There’s a cock on a mission
one fluttering with glimmer
there is even a cock
with a luscious gold shimmer!

There’s provocative and punk cocks
a contingent one blue
there’s black ones
and white ones
ignited ones too

They’re emblazoned, transcending
and cock necessarily for you
there’s portraits and poised ones
and hot ones, it’s true!

They’re contingent and native
with prominent do’s
But, beware the expressive cock
He lived in a shoe
so many cocks in this flock
of cocky cocks zoo
which one of these wild fowl
just might be for You?

~Joey Havlock