PHANTOM ROOSTER - Original Drawing

“Phantom Rooster”
Original Drawing
8″ x 10″
Pen, Ink, & Pencil on Museum Bristol Board
Silhouettes Series

The Silhouettes Series
The Silhouettes Series was initially inspired by the artwork of Joey Havlock and his own series of silhouettes. It seemed like a great idea so I added my own Abstract Geometry style and went from there.  I’m enjoying the process of visually exploring the concept of things that are hidden in plain sight, and darkness created from light.


1st Edition
116 Pages
Full Color
100# publishers grade interior paper
Limited to 250 signed & numbered copies
An exciting and provocative selection of Joey Havlock’s impressionistic style surreal rooster paintings.  Presented along with a selection of his favorite writings and poetry of his own, his wife Rhonda, and other famous poets of yesteryear including Robert Frost, Walk Whitman, Oscar Wilde and others.”


crowed the cockerel who flew
from the barn,
through the yard,
to the fence post near you.

Awakened from dreams
by his off-beat alarm…
He heralds the day
before sun cracks the dawn…
“Wake up! Rise and Shine! It’s time to get started!”
before even the shadows of nightfall have gone…

he cries out once more
his call loud and clear,
It’s time to get busy,
a whole day is in store!

Night retreats from the sound
of the cock on his post…
And as light fills the sky
you can hear his proud boast…
“Wake up! Rise and Shine! It’s time to get started!”
“Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!” he crows once again for his host.

~Rhonda Havlock 2010

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