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Carlita Von UziPOP ~ POPADEMIC - 8x10 Print in Collector's Sleeve

Carlita Von UziPOP ~ POPADEMIC - 8x10 Print in Collector's Sleeve

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An original work from Joey Havlock & Rhonda Havlock's POPADEMIC series.

8" x 10" Overall Paper Size

Gorgeous Museum Archival Art Papers with Spectacular Rich Color and Detail.

Laminated with 10mil archival hi gloss laminate for extra protection, sturdiness and longevitity. 

* Unframed prints are delivered in an UltraPro Archival 3-Ring Binder Sleeve so you can store and collect, or take out individually and frame.

* Framed prints are delivered in a classic black wood frame, ready to hang or stand.

POPADEMIC is a creative fusion of POP ART and bottled spirits, offering a collection of extraordinary original paintings on wine, champagne, and other spirits bottles. Each of these pieces is a unique artistic conception, showcasing a distinct personality twist that sets it apart from the rest. These bottles are not only eye-catching and visually appealing but also hold a significant cultural value.
Created by artists Joey and Rhonda Havlock, each bottle is a masterpiece that reflects their exceptional creativity and passion for art. As a collector's item, POPADEMIC is a perfect blend of contemporary art and fine spirits, making it an exceptional addition to any art lover's collection.


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