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Jigsaw Puzzle - COLOMBIAN Label - Master Minds Coffee - 252 Piece

Jigsaw Puzzle - COLOMBIAN Label - Master Minds Coffee - 252 Piece

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Indulge in the ultimate bonding experience with your loved ones with our Master Minds Coffee jigsaw puzzles! This exquisite puzzle is crafted with top-quality chipboard pieces, each one pre-diecut with a lustrous satin finish for a smooth and seamless fit. Boasting an impressive 252 interlocking pieces, this puzzle is the perfect way to spend some wholesome downtime with your family and friends. Once completed, the stunning artwork measures a generous 11" x 14", making it a stunning piece to display in your home. But that's not all!

Our personalized jigsaw puzzle comes in a beautiful white metal tin box with the finished image of the puzzle on the cover, ensuring that it makes a show-stopping presentation when you gift it to your loved ones. So why not treat your loved ones to a fun and engaging activity that will bring you all together and create lasting memories? 

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