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Popademic - La 'QUISHA - Original Painted Bottle - Joey & Rhonda Havlock

Popademic - La 'QUISHA - Original Painted Bottle - Joey & Rhonda Havlock

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SIZE: 14" Tall x 4" Wide

MEDIA: Acrylic, Ink & Oil Painting on Glass Bottle.  Removable and interchangeable glass and resin marbles.

CREATIVE BIO NOTE: LaQuisha is a real doll.  She works at the local diner third shift feeding hyped up dolphins who've been sniffing puffer fish all night.  Her world is filled with much of her time on the phone with the principals and teachers of her many grand children who cause lots of angst in all of the schools they attend.


~ Inspired by a Social Epidemic ~

A series of original paintings on glass wine, champagne and other spirits bottles.  

Each of these bottle paintings is a unique conception and is a one of a kind piece of work.  Each has their own personality twist, and all of them are collaboratively created, hand painted, and original works of art by Joey and Rhonda Havlock.

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