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PRIVATE DANCERS (Isabella & Elizabeth) - Diptych Set - 12x12 each Original Painting - Joey Havlock & Rhonda Havlock Collaboration

PRIVATE DANCERS (Isabella & Elizabeth) - Diptych Set - 12x12 each Original Painting - Joey Havlock & Rhonda Havlock Collaboration

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(Isabella & Elizabeth)

Oil on Stretched Canvas

12" x 12" x 1.5" each

Private Dancer series

Joey Havlock & Rhonda Havlock, Artists Collaboration



A fundamental aspect of the human experience is to internalize the external, transmute it into something more than it has been and release it back into the world for the consumption of the masses. The desire to create something from nothing is intrinsic to every soul and fulfillment of that desire is essential for our survival. The achievement of that process will be encountered here. 


Once upon a time, in a world far beyond the reach of mortal eyes, there existed two ethereal beings named Isabella and Elizabeth. They were not of flesh and blood, but rather, they were made of the night sky itself. As they shimmered and twinkled with stardust, their radiant beauty lit up the dark corners of the universe.

Isabella and Elizabeth were kindred spirits, bound by their shared love for dance and the enchantment of the night. When the moon rose high and the stars painted the heavens, they would descend to a hidden clearing deep within an ancient forest. There, surrounded by tall trees and the crackling of a warm fire, they would dance with the grace of gypsies.

Their movements were fluid and mystical, reflecting the ebb and flow of the cosmos. Isabella, with her silver-blue hues, swayed like a gentle breeze, while Elizabeth, adorned with golden constellations, twirled like a shooting star across the sky. Their silhouettes entwined, tracing celestial patterns with their outstretched arms.

As they danced, their ethereal bodies radiated a mesmerizing light, casting an otherworldly glow upon the trees and the night creatures that watched in awe. The fire itself seemed to dance along, leaping and swaying to the rhythm of their steps, as if joining in their celestial celebration.

With every move, Isabella and Elizabeth spun stories of love, loss, and the boundless beauty of the universe. Their dance transcended the earthly realm, bridging the gap between mortal hearts and the mysteries of the cosmos. The night sky sparkled brighter, as if applauding their performance, and a chorus of crickets accompanied their rhythmic footsteps.

Time lost all meaning as Isabella and Elizabeth continued their enchanted dance. They reveled in the joy of their celestial existence, twirling and spinning until the first rays of dawn began to kiss the horizon. As the sky transformed from inky black to shades of blue, they bid farewell to the forest, their secret sanctuary.

With a final graceful movement, Isabella and Elizabeth ascended back into the heavens, melding once more with the night sky. Their legacy, however, remained etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness their ethereal performance.

From that day forward, whenever the night sky was adorned with stars, and the echoes of distant music whispered on the wind, people would remember Isabella and Elizabeth. Their spirits would dance on forever, reminding us all of the magic that lies within the embrace of a fire-lit clearing, the passion of gypsy rhythms, and the infinite beauty of the night.


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