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POPADEMIC - Portraits of POP - Hand Painted Commission Created and Hand Painted by Joey & Rhonda Havlock

POPADEMIC - Portraits of POP - Hand Painted Commission Created and Hand Painted by Joey & Rhonda Havlock

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Introducing the ultimate fusion of art and entertainment - Popademic's Portraits of POP!

Revel in the joy of owning a piece of art that's as distinctive as you are. Commission us, Joey & Rhonda Havlock, to paint and create your very own Popademic Portrait or if your searching for a gift that defies convention, surprise a friend or family member by POPping their unique essence onto a bottle. W
itness their surprise and delight as they unwrap an extraordinary present.

Portraits of POP is about more than art; it's about celebrating life's moments in the most vibrant and artistic way possible. Honor birthdays, mark anniversaries, or simply express your gratitude with a tailor-made Popademic Portrait, a testament to the bond you share.

When you're ready, choose from our available bottle styles, handpicked to become the canvas of your personalized Popademic Portrait. Then, upload your image through our user-friendly interface. 

 Join the party and let self-expression take center stage!

About Portraits of POP

POPADEMIC beckons you to embark on a journey where art, celebration, and human connections intertwine. This is the world of 
"Portraits POP," a collection celebrating life in every bottle. Within this series, a symphony of personalities, emotions, and inspirations comes alive on glass canvases. The bottles become more than vessels; they evolve into timeless treasures adorned with self-inspired and commissioned paintings. Each bottle is meticulously hand-painted in the iconic POP Art Bottled style, resulting in an art form that captures moments worth cherishing forever.

Every moment is an invitation to join the POP Party. The POPADEMIC experience mirrors an eternal celebration, where surprise and unpredictability reign supreme. A world where surreal meets personal, and art fuses with reality. The Portraits of POP form a collective tapestry that transcends time and space, an assemblage of characters both familiar and extraordinary. This evolving gallery welcomes an ever-expanding guest list, including Friends & Family, VIPs, Celebrities & Artists, and a fascinating array of dignitaries from across the globe. The virtual doors are always open, urging you to return frequently and discover who's newly arrived, who's been transformed, and who's left their mark.

Much like the allure of the Hotel California, once you step into the POPADEMIC world, you become forever connected to its spirit. The phenomenon of "Six Degrees of POP Separation" begins with your hosts, Joey & Rhonda Havlock, who welcome you to explore, engage, and immerse yourself in the realm of POP Art Bottled. Here, art is not just a static concept; it's a living narrative that continues to unfold, connecting individuals, stories, and creativity in a harmonious symphony.

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