Joey Havlock

In a career spanning three decades, Havlock has created a vast and diverse body of work. His art is an ongoing quest for creative experiment and expression, and he moves freely between styles and mediums.

Born in Manassas, VA, Joey Havlock experienced a childhood that provided an optimal environment for the later development of his artistic expression. The sphere of creative and character diversity to which he was exposed has inspired many of his individual works as well as series such as his Liquid Geometry and the Master Minds.

After arriving in New York City in the early 1980’s, Havlock delved into the world of technology consulting, and systems development. As an artist he recognized modern technology to be as much a part of the creative process as the development of fine pigments and brushes thought by many to be conventional artist tools. Havlock’s technical expertise in tandem with his creative background provided the ideal combination for the phantasmagorical imagery that would later become the essence of his many styles.

Inspired by artists such as Al Held, Rene Magritte, Mark Kostabi, Peter Halley, and Damian Loeb, Joey Havlock has spent more than 20 years in New York City exploring and developing his craft as an artist. Current series include The Master Minds, Cocks, Liquid Geometry, and Alchemic Anatomy to name a few.

Artist Statement

Combining State of the Art Technology with State of the Art Human Dynamics.

The visions I pursue are cutting edge, have immediate shock value and use simplistic geometric shape and form. My Creations are my children, they are my representations of moments and periods in time.
Like songs, my works move me emotionally, spiritually and physically.
My artworks provide me personal reward and acknowledgement of my growth and evolvement as a socially interactive being, and best of all they provide a vehicle for collaborative interaction with society.
Many of my latest works use resources I have spent years investigating. Combining state of the art technologies and conventional artist media’s to produce my imagery.
My favorite mentor artists include Al Held and Rene Magritte.
Al Held has spent the better part of a lifetime pursuing geometric studies, color and form. Magritte spent a lifetime exploring the surrealistic sides to life and presenting his visions in simplistic object oriented form. I am also inspired by such modern day artists as Ron English, Mark Kostabi, Peter Halley and Damian Loeb.

– Joey Havlock

Joey, A Perspective
by Rhonda Havlock

At the time of this writing Joey Havlock can be found on the second floor of his main studio in Times Square, New York furiously laboring over the conventional painter’s easel, illuminated by the light of his computer. Utilizing a combination of cutting edge technologies and conventional fine arts techniques to create his works; he surrounds himself with brushes, a spectrum of paint, easels, digital mediums and an enormity of artwork.

He describes this total surrender of his physical space to the artistic process as “the epitome of creative bliss.” Feeling that even the most basic human needs such as sleep are a waste of productive time, and allowing himself the luxury only when he can push himself no further, the only thing that matters is manifestation of the vision.

A fundamental aspect of the human experience is to internalize the external, transmute it into something more than it has been and release it back into the world for the consumption of the masses. The desire to create something from nothing is intrinsic to every soul and fulfillment of that desire is essential for our survival. The achievement of that process will be encountered here. is the online dossier of contemporary artist Joey Havlock.

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