Popademic - CALIGULA - Original Painted Bottle - Joey & Rhonda Havlock

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SIZE: 13.5" Tall x 3.75" Wide

MEDIA: Acrylic, Ink & Oil Painting on Glass Bottle.  Removable resin 2.5" marble.

CREATIVE BIO NOTE: Caligula gets his name from his crazy distant Roman cousin.  Born under a yellow moon, Caligula likes to drink misty pink mountain water drenched with the essence of buttercup petals. Don't ever under estimate Caligula though, his second cousin is one half Tasmanian Devil.


~ Inspired by a Social Epidemic ~

A series of original paintings on glass wine, champagne and other spirits bottles.  

Each of these bottle paintings is a unique conception and is a one of a kind piece of work.  Each has their own personality twist, and all of them are collaboratively created, hand painted, and original works of art by Joey and Rhonda Havlock.