Popademic - SHERRY SUGARSPRINKLES - Original Painted Bottle - Joey & Rhonda Havlock

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SIZE: 18" Tall x 5" Wide

MEDIA: Acrylic, Ink & Oil Painting on Glass Bottle.  Removable and interchangeable glass and resin marbles.

CREATIVE BIO NOTE: Sherry Sugarsprinkles exudes sensual wonder and tastiness.  Sherry has a strange addiction and love affair with ice cream and sees it more as a fashion statement than an emotional issue.  Sherry was born with a plastic spoon in her mouth and it set the platform for her soul being drawn to cherry syrup.


~ Inspired by a Social Epidemic ~

A series of original paintings on glass wine, champagne and other spirits bottles.  

Each of these bottle paintings is a unique conception and is a one of a kind piece of work.  Each has their own personality twist, and all of them are collaboratively created, hand painted, and original works of art by Joey and Rhonda Havlock.